TwinTech Institute of Education Trust ( TIET)
(Registered Under Indian Trust Act 1882 | Registration No: BK4/163/2016)

TwinTech Institute of Education Trust has been started with the aim of voluntary service for the welfare and development of the common man in both rural and urban areas.
TIET will also be a platform for social, educational, economic and legal advancement of the needy people. The actions of TIET will enable poor and disadvantaged people, especially women and children to realize their potential through various means. Initiating and promoting family welfare, adult literacy, non-formal education and general awareness in areas related to health and hygiene, environmental sanitation, child health etc. will also be one of the areas that the trust will focus on. Printing and publishing books, pamphlets, leaflets, magazines, periodicals, journals, etc. on the activities, development and other common issues pertaining to the objects of the consultancy or for any good cause and distribute them free or at cost to public will also be taken up.
The trust will establish any academy, with suitable or appropriate name and employ a system of educating people in a community or society, in schools, arts and science colleges impart knowledge through instruction courses, training classes and usher in newer training / teaching methodologies including the use of Information Technology. The objective is to teach courses that deal with A to Z in health care services and HR /Management etc.